WIDG Seminar History

Weak Interaction Discussion Group (2005 to date in reverse order):

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
23-Jan-2020 Michael Jewell Stanford Search for 0νββ of 136Xe with EXO-200 and nEXO Wright Lab
17-Dec-2019 Xinyi Chen Yale University Reconstructing the BAO signal for cosmological analysis Wright Lab
10-Dec-2019 Tyler Lutz Yale University Nonlocal Mixing of a Stochastically Advected Passive Tracer Wright Lab
3-Dec-2019 Maximilian Beyer Yale University Measuring nuclear-spin-dependent parity violation with molecules Wright Lab
19-Nov-2019 Emma Castiglia Yale University Search for the Associated Production of a Higgs boson with a vector boson (W or Z), with the Higgs boson decaying to two tau leptons (VH, H → ττ) at the ATLAS Experiment Wright Lab
12-Nov-2019 Grant Schumacher Yale University Experimental and Computational Approaches Wright Lab
29-Oct-2019 Patrick Bolton University College London Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Versus Direct Search Probes of the Inverse Seesaw Mechanism Wright Lab
8-Oct-2019 Naim Karacayli Yale University Improving Cosmic Large-Scale Statistics Wright Lab
17-Sep-2019 Wenqiang Li Yale University Thermal effects and stability of optically levitated micron-sized spheres in vacuum Wright Lab
10-Sep-2019 Yogesh Patil Yale University Quantum Optomechanics with Superfluid Helium Wright Lab
28-May-2019 Tong Liu Yale University Inclusive jet analysis in √s_NN=200 GeV p+Au collisions at STAR Wright Lab
14-May-2019 Judith Hoeller Yale University Critical coupling of weakly-damped harmonic oscillators Wright Lab
7-May-2019 Kelly Backes Yale University A squeezed state receiver for HAYSTAC Phase 2 Wright Lab
30-Apr-2019 Lin Wang Yale University Bimodal Electron Gun R&D Wright Lab
23-Apr-2019 Gulden (Joule) Othman UNC CAGE Scanner: Investigating Surface Backgrounds in HPGe Detectors for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Searches Wright Lab
16-Apr-2019 Quentin Buat CERN/Simon Fraser Univrsity Dissecting the Higgs boson with ATLAS and leptons Wright Lab
12-Mar-2019 Jacopo Ferretti Yale University Exotic meson spectroscopy Wright Lab
5-Feb-2019 Kimmy Cushman Yale University Extracting Excited States from Lattice Correlation Functions Wright Lab
29-Jan-2019 Gianantonio Pezzullo Yale University Mu2e: A Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation in μN → eN conversion with a Sensitivity < 10^-16 Wright Lab
25-Jan-2019 Chase Shimmin Yale University Searching for new physics in di-Higgs production with ATLAS Wright Lab
17-Jan-2019 Michael Oliver Yale University Jet and Jet-like Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions with ALICE Wright Lab
13-Nov-2018 Emily Kuhn Yale University Calibration Instrumentation for the Hydrogen Intensity Real-time Analysis eXperiment (HIRAX) Wright Lab
6-Nov-2018 Danielle Norcini Yale University First Results from the PROSPECT reactor neutrino experiment Wright Lab
16-Oct-2018 Ako Jamil Yale University The Search for Majorana Neutrinos with nEXO Wright Lab
25-Sep-2018 Danielle Speller Yale University Searching for Axions with the HAYSTAC Experiment Wright Lab
20-Sep-2018 Sumita Ghosh Yale University Searching for Millicharged Particles Using Optically Levitated Mirospheres Wright Lab
4-Sep-2018 Benjamin Saliwanchik Yale University Ongoing Work for HIRAX at Yale Wright Lab
22-May-2018 Kim Sang Khaw University of Washington Muon g-2: a gateway to new physics beyond the Standard Model Wright Lab
15-May-2018 Zack Lasner Yale University Proving TeV Physics in ThO: an improved measurement of the electron’s electric dipole moment Wright Lab
08-May-2018 Kayleigh Bohemier Yale University Research Data Management - Best Practices and Tools Wright Lab
03-May-2018 Chiara Pancaldo Salemi MIT ABRACADBRA, A Search for Low-Mass Axion Dark Matter Wright Lab
03-Apr-2018 Hanyu Wei Brookhaven National Lab Ionization Charge  Extraction in the MicroBooNE LArTPC Wright Lab
27-Mar-2018 Stefan Krastanov Yale University Hobby Electronics for Outreach and Research Wright Lab
06-Mar-2018 Sidney Cahn Yale University Demonstration of a Sensitive Method to Measure Nuclear Spin-Dependent Parity Violation Wright Lab
20-Feb-2018 Shilo Xia Yale University Hunting for neutrinoless double beta decay and other rare events with the EXO-200 detector Wright Lab
12-Dec-2017 Phillip Barbeau Duke University In-COHERENT: What you can do with the World’s Smallest Neutrino Detector Wright Lab
17-Oct-2017 Robin Smith Sheffield Hallam University It’s not you, it’s me: The different breakup modes of the 12C Hoyle state Wright Lab
22-Sep-2017 Milind Diwan Brookhaven National Lab Basic Mathematics for Understanding Noisy Waveforms and Frequency Spectra Wright Lab
19-Sep-2017 Milind Diwan Brookhaven National Lab Basic Mathematics for Understanding Noisy Waveforms and Frequency Spectra Wright Lab
21-Jun-2017 Nadav Priel Weizmann Institute, Israel Direct Detection of Dark Matter: Present and Future Wright Lab
01-Jun-2017 Jeremy Gaison Yale University Advocating for Science Funding in a Turbulent Political Climate Wright Lab
23-May-2017 François Aubin University of Minnesota Measuring the polarization of the cosmic microwave background to probe inflation Serhan Tufanli
09-May-2017 Emily Grace Royal Holloway University of London Calculations and Measurement of the Rayleigh Scattering Length of the Scintillation Light in Liquid Serhan Tufanli
02-May-2017 David Caratelli Columbia University The MicroBooNE Neutrino Experiment Serhan Tufanli/Christopher Davis
11-Apr-2017 Zepeng Li Duke University Atmospheric Tau Neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande David Moore
07-Apr-2017 Thomas Langford Yale University Evolution of the Reactor Antineutrino Flux and Spectrum at Daya Bay Karsten Heeger
28-Mar-2017 Mark Pepin University of Minnesota Low-Mass WIMP-Search Results with the CDMS Low Ionization Threshold Experiment David Moore
07-Mar-2017 Estella Barbosa de Souza Yale University COSINE-100 Background Simulation Christopher Davis
14-Dec-2016 Victor Genty Columbia Deep Learning Applied to LArTPC Images Ariana Hackenburg
03-May-2016 Elena Gramellini Yale University LArIAT: Liquid Argon In A Testbeam Ariana Hackenburg
26-Apr-2016 Francesco De Bernardis Cornell Cosmology with kinematic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect measurements from ACTPol and future surveys Ariana Hackenburg
12-Apr-2016 Chris Marshall University of Rochester Measurement of kaon production by neutrinos Ariana Hackenburg
05-Apr-2016 Andrea Pocar University of Massachusetts The present and future of the DarkSide program: DS-50 and DS-20k Ariana Hackenburg
29-Mar-2016 Eliane Epple Yale University Why we use direct photons and gamma-hadron correlations to study the hot and dense QCD medium Ariana Hackenburg
08-Mar-2016 Andy Furmanski Manchester University Recent (and not so recent) results from the T2K experiment Ariana Hackenburg
23-Feb-2016 Gabriel Orebi Gann University of California, Berkeley THEIA: Physics Potential of an Advanced Scintillation Detector Ariana Hackenburg
16-Feb-2016 Chris Davis Yale University Calibration of CUORE Ariana Hackenburg
09-Feb-2016 Lee McCuller MIT First results from the Fermilab Holometer testing space-time correlations from Planckian diffraction Ariana Hackenburg
15-Dec-2015 Charles Keeton Rutgers University Astrophysical Constraints on Dark Matter from Gravitational Lensing Ariana Hackenburg
08-Dec-2015 Brian Tennyson Yale University Background Model Status and Improvements for the LUX Detector Ariana Hackenburg
01-Dec-2015 Chen-Yu Liu Indiana University Neutron Lifetime Measurements: Much Ado About 1 second Ariana Hackenburg
17-Nov-2015 James Nikkel Royal Holloway, University of London Oddities of light production in the noble elements Ariana Hackenburg
10-Nov-2015 Serhan Tufanli Yale University Discovery of tau neutrino appearance with the OPERA experiment Ariana Hackenburg
27-Oct-2015 Elizabeth Boulton Yale University Understanding two-phase LXe TPCs and Utilizing them for Detection of Special Nuclear Material Ariana Hackenburg
13-Oct-2015 Kazuhiro Terao Columbia University The Status of the MicroBooNE Experiment Ariana Hackenburg
25-Sep-2015 Jonathan Asaadi University of Texas, Arlington The Liquid Argon In A Test Beam (LArIAT) experiment Ariana Hackenburg
22-Sep-2015 Zack Lasner Yale University Improving the search for the electron’s electric dipole moment in ThO Ariana Hackenburg
28-Apr-2015 Ariana Hackenburg Yale University Searching for Neutral Current π0s in MicroBooNE Corey Adams
23-Apr-2015 Evan Pease Yale University Recent work on the LUX and LZ dark matter experiments Corey Adams
21-Apr-2015 Rachel Carr Columbia University Latest Results from Double Chooz and Prospects for the Two-Detector Phase Bonnie Fleming
14-Apr-2015 Scott Hertel Yale University Superfluid Helium: a Unique Detector Material for Low Energies Corey Adams
31-Mar-2015 Xiao Luo Boston University MuSun: Muon capture on the Deuteron Bonnie Fleming
24-Mar-2015 Michael Baird Indiana University An Alternative numuCC Disappearance Analysis for the NOvA Experiment Bonnie Fleming
24-Feb-2015 Jeremy Cushman Yale University Designing and Building CUORE, a Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Corey Adams
Note different day
Dr. Jess Riedel Perimeter Institute Decoherence, Dark Matter, and Direct Detection of Classically Undetectable Phenomena Corey Adams
10-Feb-2015 Kanika Sachdev University of Minnesota Electron Neutrino Appearance in NOvA Bonnie Fleming
joint NPA/WIDG Seminar
Antonin Vacheret University of Oxford SoLid Search for Oscillations with a Lithium-6 Detector at the SCK-CEN BR2 Reactor Karsten Heeger
20-Jan-2015 Matthew Szydagis SUNY-Albany A Xenon Bubble Chamber for Direct Dark Matter Detection Corey Adams
16-Dec-2014 Graham Giovanetti University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill The MAJORANA Low-Background Broad Energy Germanium Detector Corey Adams
09-Dec-2014 Dr. Joseph Zennamo SBN Program @ Fermilab Searching for Sterile Neutrinos with the Fermilab Short-Baseline Neutrino Program Corey Adams
01-Dec-2014 Michael Haas Weizmann Institute Probing fundamental interactions by an Electrostatic Ion Beam Trap Moshe Gai
18-Nov-2014 Benjamin Brubaker Yale University Particle Physics at the Yoctowatt Scale: The ADMX-HF Experiment Corey Adams
11-Nov-2014 Dr. Andrzej Szelc Yale University Probing New Physics & the Standard Model with Neutrinos Corey Adams
06-May-2014 Seamus Riordan University of Massachusetts, Amherst New Measurements of Parity Violation in Deep Inelastic Electron Scattering Benjamin Brubaker
29-Apr-2014 Hugh Lippincott  FNAL Searching for dark matter with bubble chambers Benjamin Brubaker
22-Apr-2014 Keith Crum University of Chicago Measuring theta_13 in the Double Chooz experiment Benjamin Brubaker
15-Apr-2014 Jeffrey Ammon Yale University Parity Violation in Diatomic Molecules Benjamin Brubaker
08-Apr-2014 Kevin O’Sullivan Yale University The LZ Dark Matter Experiment Benjamin Brubaker
01-Apr-2014 Corey Adams Yale University Probing Neutrino Anomalies at Fermilab’s Booster Neutrino Beam Benjamin Brubaker
25-Mar-2014 Ana Malagon Yale University Search for Axion-like Particle Dark Matter Using Microwave Cavities Benjamin Brubaker
04-Mar-2014 Brendon O’Leary Yale University The ACME Experiment: An Improved Limit on the Electron’s Electric Dipole Moment | Movie Benjamin Brubaker
25-Feb-2014 Ross Corliss MIT Looking for Dark Light Benjamin Brubaker
18-Feb-2014 Tom Langford Yale University The UMD/NIST Fast Neutron Spectrometers Benjamin Brubaker
28-Jan-2014 Daniel McKinsey Yale University A Concept for a Dark Matter Detector using Liquid Helium-4 Benjamin Brubaker
14-Jan-2014 Kyungeun Lim Yale University Search for neutrinoless double-beta decay with CUORE Benjamin Brubaker
16-Dec-2013 Blair Edwards Yale University The Large Underground Xenon experiment: overview and first WIMP search results  Benjamin Brubaker
09-Dec-2013 Kate Scholberg Duke University The Detection of Neutrinos from Core-Collapse Supernovae  Benjamin Brubaker
18-Nov-2013 Ana Malagon & Benjamin Brubaker Yale University Journal Club: The Cosmic Axion Spin Procession Experiment (CASPEr) Benjamin Brubaker
11-Nov-2013 Georgia Karagiorgi Columbia University MicroBooNE: Neutrino Physics at the Dawn of the Liquid Argon TPC Era Benjamin Brubaker
28-Oct-2013 Chris Stoughton Fermilab Quantum Geometry and the Fermilab Holometer Benjamin Brubaker
21-Oct-2013 Zack Pierpoint and Walter Pettus UWisconsin Madison Calibrating Remote NaI Detectors: Cosmogenics, Noise, and other Backgrounds in DM-Ice17 [Pierpoint presentation] [Pettus presentation] Reina Maruyama
14-Oct-2013 Dave Kawall UMass Amherst The new muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab Benjamin Brubaker
07-Oct-2013 Steve Lamoreaux Yale University Particle Astrophysics in a Can: The ADMX-HF Project Benjamin Brubaker
30-Sep-2013 Karsten Heeger Yale University Latest Results on Reactor Antineutrino Disappearance at Daya Bay Benjamin Brubaker
23-Sep-13 Reina Maruyama Yale University Dark Matter Search with DM-Ice Benjamin Brubaker
09-Sep-13 Ethan Bernard Yale University The PIXeY detector: Progress Toward Imaging Hidden Nuclear Material with Liquid Xenon Benjamin Brubaker
28-May-13 J.D. Vergados University of Ioannina, Greece Searching for Dark Matter Corey Adams
07-May-13 Penny Slocum Yale University New constraints on photon-paraphoton mixing at 0.1 meV Corey Adams
30-Apr-13 Brendon O’Leary Yale University Search for the Electron’s Electric Dipole Moment in ThO Corey Adams
23-Apr-13 Flavio Cavanna Yale University LArIAT: a Liquid Argon TPC in the Fermilab Test Beam Facility Corey Adams
09-Apr-13 Sidney Cahn Yale University Atom Interferometry, Anapoles, and Ahab: My Life with Erwin and Herman Corey Adams
02-Apr-13 Steve Dytman University of Pittsburgh Neutrino-nucleus cross sections and Monte Carlo generators - how much do we really know? Ornella Palamara
12-Mar-13 Dr. Dorothea M. Schumann The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Villigen, Switzerland Nuclear Chemistry for Nuclear Physics: The Use of Accelerator Waste for the Production of Exotic Isotopes Moshe Gai
01-May-12 Penny Slocum Yale University Search for a scalar axion-like particle at 34 GHz Blair Edwards
14-Feb-12 Joshua Albert Duke University First Observations of Electron Neutrino Appearance at T2K Daniel McKinsey
07-Feb-12 Scott Hertel MIT CDMS nears the zeptobarn Daniel McKinsey
27-Jan-12 Kevin O’Sullivan Stanford Double Beta Decay with EXO-200 Daniel McKinsey
16-Dec-11 Markus Horn Oxford University, UK ZEPLIN-III – results Blair Edwards
02-Dec-11 Jenni Kotila Yale University Advances in the calculation of double beta decay Blair Edwards
18-Nov-11 Pearl Sandick Univ Texas & Univ Utah Dark Matter and EWSB Naturalness in Unified SUSY Models Daniel McKinsey
11-Nov-11 Nicole Larsen Yale University Journal Club Presentation: Results from the CRESST-II Dark Matter Search Blair Edwards
28-Oct-11 Roxanne Guenette Yale University Searching for Sterile Neutrinos Blair Edwards
30-Sep-11 Wei Guo Yale University Scintillation and charge extraction from the tracks of energetic electrons in superfuid helium-4 Blair Edwards
16-Sep-11 Flavio Cavanna Physics Dep.t - Univ. of l’Aquila (visiting faculty Yale University) Liquid Argon Detector Technology for Neutrino Physics Daniel McKinsey
12-May-11 Gennady Voronov Yale University Lattice Study of the Conformal Window In Two-Color Yang-Mills Theory Jeffrey Ammon
05-May-11 Alex Sushkov Yale University Short-range force measurements: Casimir effect, gravity, and extra dimensions Jeffrey Ammon
28-Apr-11 Minho Son Yale University Warped Extra-dimension and its implication at LHC Jeffrey Ammon
21-Apr-11 Penny Slocum Yale University Search for light neutral particles with 34 GHz resonant cavities Jeffrey Ammon
14-Apr-11 Amar Vutha Yale University What’s going on with the ThO EDM experiment? Jeffrey Ammon
07-Apr-11 Susie Bedikian Yale University Tau Leptons at ATLAS Jeffrey Ammon
31-Mar-11 Kent Riley Yale University Local Parity Violation in Heavy Ion Collisions Jeffrey Ammon
24-Feb-11 Volker Werner Yale University Nuclear structure to shed light on the nature of the neutrino Jeffrey Ammon
20-Jan-11 Roxanne Guenette Yale University The LBNE project Jeffrey Ammon
10-Dec-10 David DeMille Yale University Probing electroweak interactions inside nuclei—using methods of atomic and molecular physics Daniel McKinsey
19-Nov-10 Zeeshan Ahmed Caltech Recent results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) and current status Daniel McKinsey
12-Nov-10 Christopher Wahl University of Michigan Imaging, Point-Source Detection, and Isotope-Identification Algorithms for Position-Sensitive Gamma-Ray Detectors Daniel McKinsey
05-Nov-10 Mikhail Kozlov St. Petersburg Institute of Physics First evidence of the electron-to-proton mass ratio variation in our Galaxy Daniel McKinsey
29-Oct-10 Jessie Shelton Yale University Darkogenesis Daniel McKinsey
22-Oct-10 James Battat MIT Directional Dark Matter Detection Daniel McKinsey
15-Oct-10 Stephen Eckel Yale University Progress towards measuring the permanent electric dipole moment of 199Hg Daniel McKinsey
08-Oct-10 Brian Young Canberra Industries, Inc. Development and Deployment of Germanium-Based Spectroscopic Vehicle Portal Monitors Daniel McKinsey
01-Oct-10 Blair Edwards RAL The ZEPLIN Dark Matter Search: Two phase xenon as a WIMP target Daniel McKinsey
18-May-10 Stephen Eckel Yale University Progress towards an electron electric dipole measurement using (Eu,Ba)TiO3 Stephen Eckel
04-May-10 Pai-hsien Jennifer Hsu Yale University LHC: first physics Stephen Eckel
27-Apr-10 Amar Vutha Yale University Progress towards an electron EDM measurement in ThO Stephen Eckel
22-Apr-10 Andrea Pocar University of Massachusetts The EXO double beta decay experiment Daniel McKinsey
13-Apr-10 Stephen Eckel Yale University A student’s perspective on Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND): Dark matter: fact or fiction? Stephen Eckel
30-Mar-10 Mattias Gustavsson Yale University Attractive bosons staying apart: The Super-Tonks-Girardeu gas Stephen Eckel
23-Mar-10 John Barry Yale University Laser Cooling of the Diatomic Molecule SrF Stephen Eckel
02-Mar-10 Alex Sushkov Yale University Measurements of the Casimir Force Stephen Eckel
18-Feb-10 Colin Bruzewicz Yale University Errors in precision measurements of parity nonconservation Stephen Eckel
11-Feb-10 Louis Kastens Yale University Calibration of liquid xenon detectors using Kr-83m Stephen Eckel
24-Nov-09 Hugh Lippincott Yale University DEAP/CLEAN: Detecting dark matter with liquid argon (and neon) Stephen Eckel
19-Nov-09 Steve Lamoreaux Yale University The Atomic and Other Physics of the Greenhouse Effect or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb Stephen Eckel
05-Nov-09 Gabriella Sciolla MIT DMTPC: a novel apparatus for directional Dark Matter detection Daniel McKinsey
08-Oct-09 Roxanne Guenette McGill University Recent results from the VERITAS experiment Daniel McKinsey
05-May-09 Georgia Karagiorgi MIT Recent results from MiniBooNE: An electron antineutrino appearance search at Δm2 ~ 1 eV2 Bonnie Fleming
28-Apr-09 Lindley Winslow MIT KamLAND: Measuring Neutrinos from the Earth, the Sun and Nuclear Reactors Hugh Lippincott
21-Apr-09 Asher Kaboth MIT KATRIN and the Cosmic Neutrino Background Hugh Lippincott
14-Apr-09 Louis Kastens Yale University LUX Research Hugh Lippincott
09-Apr-09 Greg Keefer University of Alabama Working Toward a Low Energy Solar Neutrino Measurement with KamLAND Daniel McKinsey
07-Apr-09 Hugh Lippincott Yale University Another Dark Matter Talk Hugh Lippincott
02-Apr-09 Kim Palladino Ohio State University ANITA: Pumping Up the Volume of Antarctic Neutrino Detectors Daniel McKinsey
31-Mar-09 Alex Sushkov Yale University Can quantum non-demolition and squeezing improve sensitivity of a measurement? Hugh Lippincott
26-Mar-09 Josh Spitz Yale University Physics measurements in ArgoNeuT Hugh Lippincott
24-Mar-09 Michelle Leber Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics

University of Washington

Measuring the Neutrino Mass Daniel McKinsey
03-Mar-09 Amar Vutha Yale University Status of the The EDM experiment Hugh Lippincott
24-Feb-09 Alessandro Curioni Yale University Double beta decay experiments Hugh Lippincott
10-Feb-09 Stephen Eckel Yale University A search for the electron’s electric dipole moment using EuTiO3 Hugh Lippincott
03-Feb-09 Paul Hamilton Yale University Another look at PAMELA/ATIC Hugh Lippincott
27-Jan-09 Louis Kastens Yale University New DAMA/Libra Results Hugh Lippincott
20-Jan-09 Anna Davour Queen’s University The PICASSO dark matter experiment Daniel McKinsey
15-Jan-09 Hugh Lippincott Yale University A graduate student’s understanding of the CMB Hugh Lippincott
02-Dec-08 Steve Linden Yale University Title TBA Hugh Lippincott
20-Nov-08 Nate Gilfoy Yale University Trapping Ultracold Polar Molecules Hugh Lippincott
19-Nov-08 Ethan Neil Yale University Lattice Investigation of the Conformal Window Hugh Lippincott
18-Nov-08 Paul Hamilton Yale University Update on the PbO* electron EDM experiment Hugh Lippincott
11-Nov-08 Colin Bruzewicz Yale University Coherent Population Transfer of Ultracold RbCs Molecules Hugh Lippincott
28-Oct-08 Nathan Gilfoy Yale University Title TBA Hugh Lippincott
21-Oct-08 James Nikkel Yale University CLEAR: Coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering at the Spallation Neutron Source Hugh Lippincott
14-Oct-08 Dave Rahmlow Yale University A search for nuclear spin dependent parity nonconservation in diatomic molecules Hugh Lippincott
30-Sep-08 Colin Anderson Yale University Neutral Current Single Neutron Pion Production at MiniBooNE Hugh Lippincott
26-Jun-08 Phillip Barbeau University of Chicago Early Results from the COGENT Large-Mass Ultra Low-Noise Germanium Detector:

From Neutrinos to Dark Matter and Back Again

Daniel McKinsey
03-Jun-08 Haizheng Dang Cryogenics, Accelerator Technology Department, CERN High-sensitivity Robust Vapor Pressure Thermometry System for KATRIN Experiment


Efficient and Compact Pulse Tube Cryocooler for the Cooling System of LHC Luminiosities Experiments

Daniel McKinsey
08-May-08 Joshua Spitz Yale University ArgoNeuT and MicroBooNE: Neutrino Detection with Liquid Argon Paul Hamilton
01-May-08 Susie Bedikian Yale University Testing Thick Gas Electron Multipliers Daniel McKinsey
29-Apr-08 Hugh Lippincott Yale University Pulse shape discrimination in liquid argon and neon and the future of the DEAP/CLEAN dark matter program Daniel McKinsey
24-Apr-08 Amar Vutha Yale University The status of the ThO EDM experiment Paul Hamilton
22-Apr-08 Louis Kastens Yale University The LUX Dark Matter Experiment Paul Hamilton
17-Apr-08 Christina Hagemann University of New Mexico Study of Low-Energy Nuclear Recoils for Direct Detection of Dark Matter Daniel McKinsey
10-Apr-08 Yunchang Shin Indiana University Cold and Ultra-cold neutron studies at IUCF Daniel McKinsey
08-Apr-08 Michelle Dolinski University of California, Berkeley Cuoricino update and progress toward CUORE Daniel McKinsey
03-Apr-08 Xiaobo Huang Boston University CPT and Lorentz Violation Test in The BNL Muon g-2 Data Daniel McKinsey
01-Apr-08 Stephen Eckel Yale University Sensitivity of a GdIG based electron EDM experiment Paul Hamilton
25-Mar-08 Dennis Murphree Yale University Parity Violation in Molecules Paul Hamilton
26-Feb-08 Priyamvada Natarajan Yale University Lensing Demystified Paul Hamilton
05-Feb-08 Alex Sushkov Yale University Testing the equivalence principle with gadolinium iron garnet ferrite ceramics Paul Hamilton
22-Jan-08 Ke Han Yale University Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Search for Strangelets in Lunar Soil Paul Hamilton
17-Jan-08 Ethan Neil Yale University Lattice Investigation of the Conformal Window Paul Hamilton
06-Dec-07 David Rahmlow Yale University An update on the anapole moment/electroweak experiment Paul Hamilton
29-Nov-07 Alessandro Curioni Yale University Thermal Column for Isotopic Purification Paul Hamilton
08-Nov-07 Hugh Lippincott Yale University First Borexino results Paul Hamilton
23-Oct-07 Paul Hamilton Yale University Laboratory tests of gravity Paul Hamilton
02-Oct-07 Wade Rellergert Yale University Detecting and Imaging He2 Molecules in Superfluid Helium Paul Hamilton
25-Apr-07 Sarah Bickman Yale University Status of the PbO EDM Experiment Wade Rellergert
18-Apr-07 Kaixuan Ni Yale University First results from XENON dark matter search experiment Wade Rellergert
11-Apr-07 Josh Spitz Yale University Gas electron multipliers and detector development for neutrinos and dark matter Wade Rellergert
04-Apr-07 Amar Vutha Yale University To be announced Wade Rellergert
28-Mar-07 Jessie Petricka Yale University To be announced Wade Rellergert
07-Mar-07 Hugh Lippincott Yale University To be announced Wade Rellergert
28-Feb-07 Wade Rellergert Yale University HESS Observations of the Galactic Center Region and their Possible Dark Matter Interpretation  
21-Feb-07 Eric Hudson Yale University Probing the Variation of Fundamental Constants with Polar Molecule Microwave Spectroscopy Wade Rellergert
14-Feb-07 Tao Qian University of Illinois Measurements of the muon lifetime Daniel McKinsey
07-Feb-07 Mitch Soderberg Yale University Liquid Ar TPC Progress Wade Rellergert
31-Jan-07 Darren Grant Case Western Reserve University CDMS, the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Daniel McKinsey
24-Jan-07 David Glenn Yale University Observation of the decay radiative mode of the free neutron Wade Rellergert
06-Dec-06 Jiji Fan Yale University Tests of the gravitational inverse-square law below the dark-energy length scale Wade Rellergert
29-Nov-06 David Gerstle Yale University Surface Background in a LArTPC (Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber) Wade Rellergert
15-Nov-06 Dennis Murphree Yale University A Multiprobe NMR Spectrometer for Magnetic Field Mapping Wade Rellergert
08-Nov-06 Nathaniel Roth Yale University Progress on charged current neutral pion event filters for the MiniBooNE detector Wade Rellergert
01-Nov-06 Paul Hamilton Yale University New CP-Violation and Preferred-Frame Tests with Polarized Electrons Wade Rellergert
25-Oct-06 Yang Bai Yale University Different Interpretations of (Axion Search) PVLAS results Wade Rellergert
18-Oct-06 Prof. Steven Lamoreaux Yale University A Discussion of the New Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Result from

the Institut Laue Langevin Experiment

Wade Rellergert
11-Oct-06 Pai-hsien Jennifer Hsu Yale University Vector Form Factors of Kl3 Decays Wade Rellergert
04-Oct-06 Wade Rellergert Yale University Detection of Helium Molecules using Laser Induced Fluorescence  
27-Sep-06 David Rahmlow Yale University Journal Club: “Extracting Nucleon Strange and Anapole Form Factors from World Data” (PRL 97 102002; Sept. 8, 2006; Young, Roche, Carlini, Thomas) Wade Rellergert
20-Sep-06 Hugh Lippincott Yale University Recent results from MicroCLEAN Wade Rellergert
13-Sep-06 Ruth Toner Yale University The Detection of Double Scatter Events in the XENON10


Wade Rellergert
03-May-06 Sidney Cahn Yale University V. F. Ezhov’s Report on the PNPI (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute) Magnetic Trapping of Ultra-Cold Neutrons  
26-Apr-06 Laura Jeanty Yale University Charged Current Pi0 Events in MiniBooNE  
19-Apr-06 Eugene Lim Yale University Not So Special Relativity  
12-Apr-06 David Rahmlow Yale University Update on the Anapole Moment/Electroweak Coupling Experiment: Molecular Beams and NMR  
05-Apr-06 Walter Lippincott Yale University Journal Club  
29-Mar-06 Alessandro Curioni Yale University Experimental study of quasi-elastic neutrino interactions on Ar with a liquid Ar TPC exposed to the WANF neutrino beam  
22-Mar-06 Sarah Bickman Yale University Journal Club  
01-Mar-06 Walter Hugh Lippincott Yale University Journal Club  
22-Feb-06 Ruth Toner Yale University The Detection of Double Scatter Events in the XENON10 Detector  
15-Feb-06 Yong Jiang Yale University Microwave Absorption for an EDM Search in PbO*  
08-Feb-06 Richard Hasty Yale University Journal Club  
25-Jan-06 Sidney Cahn Yale University Journal Club Sarah Bickman
07-Dec-05 Jony Hudson Imperial College, London A new measurement of the electron and electric dipole moment Sarah Bickman
29-Nov-05 Kate Scholberg Duke University Prospects for Measuring Neutrino-Nucleus Coherent Scattering at a Spallation Source Daniel McKinsey
16-Nov-05 Zhenyu Han Yale University Journal Club  
09-Nov-05 Louis Kastens Yale University Journal Club  
02-Nov-05 Paul Hamilton Yale University Journal Club  
26-Oct-05 Eugene Lim Yale University Unconventional solutions to the Dark Matter problem  
17-Oct-05 Dennis Murphree Yale University Parity Violation in Molecules: What, Why and How  
12-Oct-05 Angel Manzur Yale University XENON: Direct Dark Matter Search  
05-Oct-05 Yung-Ruey Yen Yale University Jounal Club  
28-Sep-05 Matthew Harrison Yale University Purification of Neon using cyro-adsorption for the solar neutrino experiment CLEAN Richard Hasty