Yoram Alhassid's picture Yoram Alhassid
Frederick Phineas Rose Professor of Physics
Sloane Physics Lab (SPL), 50
Phone: +1 (203) 432-6922
Research Website

The nuclear many-body problem; Femtoscience and nanoscience: nuclei quantum dots and nanoparticles; Cold atomic Fermi gases

Charles D. Brown II's picture Charles D. Brown II
Assistant Professor
Sloane Physics Lab (SPL), 12
Research Website

Ultracold atomic physics in optical lattices

Steven Girvin's picture Steven Girvin
Eugene Higgins Prof of Physics & Applied Physics
17 Hillhouse (YQI), 403
Phone: 203-432-4448
Research Website

Quantum dynamics of cold atomic gases

Cavity and circuit QED

Quantum optomechanics

Leonid Glazman's picture Leonid Glazman
Donner Professor of Physics
Sloane Physics Laboratory (SPL), 55A
Phone: 203-432-6920
Research Website
  • Quantum dynamics of cold atomic gases
  • Mesoscopic physics
  • Artificial atoms
Jack Harris's picture Jack Harris
Associate Professor of Physics
Sloane Physics Laboratory (SPL), 49
Phone: 203-432-3826
Research Website
  • Quantum optics
  • Cavity optomechanics
  • Mesoscopic systems
Steve Lamoreaux's picture Steve Lamoreaux
Professor of Physics
Sloane Physics Laboratory (SPL), 61
Phone: 203-432-5276
Research Website
  • Testing time reversal symmetry by searching for an electron or neutron electric dipole moment
  •  Precision measurement of the Casimir force and its modifications
  • Quantum and classical optics applied to cryptography and shock physics
Reina Maruyama's picture Reina Maruyama
Wright Lab (WL), 217
Phone: +1 (203) 432-3362
Research Website

Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (CUORE), IceCube Neutrino Obervatory, CUORE Upgrade with Particle IDentification (CUPID), ATLAS, COSINE-100, DM-Ice, Haloscope At Yale Sensitive To Axion CDM (HAYSTAC)

Owen Miller's picture Owen Miller
Assistant Professor
Becton Hall (BCT), 313 & ESC II 141
Phone: +1 (203) 737-6680
Research Website

optical physics

optimal design

fundamental limits

David Moore's picture David Moore
Assistant Professor of Physics
Wright Lab (WL), 220
Phone: 203-432-7986
Research Website
  • Levitated optomechanics
  • Precision force measurements
Nir Navon's picture Nir Navon
Assistant Professor of Physics
Sloane Physics Laboratory (SPL), 50A
Phone: 203-436-4997
Research Website
  • Ultracold quantum gases
  • Strongly correlated systems
  • Far-from-equilibrium physics
John Schotland's picture John Schotland
Dunham Lab (DL), 429
Research Website

The study of problems at the interface of optical and condensed matter physics