AMO Seminar History

Atomic Physics (2005 to date in reverse order)
Date Speaker Institution Title Host
11-Mar-2020 Jinyong Ma Australian National University Photothermal nonlinearity in optical cavities and optomechanical systems Jack Harris
27-Feb-2020 Ebrahim Sajadi University of British Columbia Quantum Transport in 2D Topological Insulators Jack Harris
21-Jan-2020 Uros Delic University of Vienna Quantum optomechanics in a room-temperature environment with levitated nanoparticles Jack Harris
3-Dec-2019 Neha Yadav Indian Institute of Science Experimental Investigation of Single and Few Electron Bubbles in Liquid Helium Jack Harris
18-Nov-2019 Toshihiko Shimasaki University of California, Santa Barbara Exploration of New Phenomena in Driven Quantum Gases  David DeMille
24-Oct-2019 Ben Laws Australian National University Solving spectroscopy puzzles with high resolution photoelectron imaging Jack Harris
1-Oct-2019 Federica Cataldini TU Wein Exciting phonon modes in a one dimensional Bose Einstein condensate Nir Navon
20-Aug-2019 Giulia Del Pace University of Florence Extracting the order parameter of fermionic superfluids from Josephson supercurrent Nir Navon
19_Aug-2019 Benjamin Stickler Imperial College, UK Levitated optomechanics with rotating nanoparticles David C. Moore
29-Jul-2019 Ziv Meir University of Basel, Switzerland Progress in the quantum control of single molecular ions Nir Navon
18-Jun-2019 Lothar Meisenbacher Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Precision spectroscopy of the 2S-6P transition in atomic hydrogen David DeMille
23-May-2019 Raphael Lopes College de France Probing the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model with Dysprosium atoms Nir Navon
14-May-2019 Giacomo Roati University of Florence Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of atomic Fermi gases quenched to strong repulsions Nir Navon
9-May-2019 Saurabh Pandey  Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Greece Guided matter-waves for interferometry Nir Navon
27-Feb-2019 Kazuya Fujimoto University of Tokyo Non-thermal fixed points in a one-dimensional antiferromagnetic Bose gas Nir Navon
15-Jan-2019 Ravid Shaniv Weizmann Institute Quantum-information methods for precision measurements with trapped ions Jack Harris
24-Oct-2018 William Cairncross JILA Precision measurement of the electron’s electric dipole moment with trapped molecular ions David DeMille
9-Oct-2018 Jere Makinen Aalto Vortices and their dynamics in superfluid helium-3 Nir Navon
18-Sep-2018 Judith Hoeller Yale Topological Bloch oscillations Nir Navon
07-Aug-2018 Jan Gieseler Harvard Levitated Nano-Magnets as Quantum Transducers Jack Harris
02-Jul-2018 Yogesh Patil Cornell Open Quantum Systems: A Control and Study of System-Bath Interactions and their Effects Jack Harris
13-Jun-2019 Thomas Langin Rice University Laser Cooled Neutral Plasmas: A Laboratory for the Study of Strongly Coupled Systems David DeMille
01-Jun-2018 Konrad Viebahn Cambridge Ultracold atoms in a two-dimensional optical quasicrystal Nir Navon
04-May-2018 Manas Kulkarni ICTS-TIFR Bangalore Connections between Gross-Pitaevskii equation, Kardar-Parisi-Zhang and the Korteweg-de Vries equation Nir Navon
01-May-2018 Simak Dadrasmarani Oklahoma State Realization of a quantum walk in momentum space with a Bose-Einstein condensate Nir Navon
24-Apr-2018 Bharath Hebbe Madhusudhana Georgia Tech Singular loops and their non-Abelian geometric phases in spin-1 ultracold atoms Nir Navon
17-Apr-2018 Ruwan Senaratne University of California, Santa Barbara Strongly-Driven Cold Atom Systems David DeMille
27-Mar-2018 Mehdi Namazi SUNY Stony Brook Building a sclable quantum network of room temperature quantum devices Jack Harris
27-Feb-2018 Mikhail Kozlov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Parity nonconserving corrections to the spin-spin coupling in molecules David DeMille
23-Feb-2018 Beibei Li University of Queensland Cavity optomechanical magnetometry Jack Harris
22-Feb-2018 Nenad Kralj University of Camerion Tailoring the Dynamics of a Nanomechanical Resonator with (Anti-)squashed Light Jack Harris
15-Feb-2018 Freek Ruesink AMOLF Manipulating light with ring resonators coupled to antennas and mechanical motion Jack Harris
08-Feb-2018 Zlatko Minev Yale University Catching and Reversing a Quantum Jump Mid-Flight Jack Harris
06-Feb-2018 Alain Aspect Université Paris-Saclay Hanbury-Brown-Twiss, Hong-Ou-Mandel, and other landmarks in quantum optics: from photons to atoms Paul Tipton
24-Jan-2018 Gadi Afek Weizmann Institute, Israel Observing Power-Law Dynamics of Position-Velocity Correlation in Anomalous Diffusion Nir Navon
16-Nov-2017 Jan Olivier Grasdijk University Groningen The Search for the Permanent Electric Dipole Moment of 129Xe David DeMille
14-Nov-2017 Mekena Metcalf University of California, Merced Quantum Transport of Ultra-Cold Fermions in Optical Potentials Nir Navon
03-Oct-2017 Georgia Mansell Australian National University Squeezed light for current and future gravitational wave detectors Jack Harris
27-Jul-2017 Maximilian Beyer ETH Zurich High-Resolution Spectroscopy of molecular hydrogen David DeMille
21-Jun-2017 Megan Stanley Cambridge University Phase-tuned entangled state generation between two distant electron spins Jack Harris
19-May-2017 Nick Brewer University of Wisconsin Rabi Flopping on a Magnetic Dipole Transition at Optical Frequencies Jack Harris
12-May-2017 Laure Mercier Institut NEEL CNRS/UGA Multimode nanomechanics in conservative and non-conservative force fields Jack Harris
17-Apr-2017 Ed Narevicius Weizmann Institute Cold Chemistry with Cold Molecules David DeMille
01-Mar-2017 Michael Tarbutt Imperial College London Molecules cooled below the Doppler limit David DeMille
17-Feb-2017 Benjamin Brubaker Yale University First results from the HAYSTAC axion search Jack Harris
14-Nov-2016 Thai M. Hoang Purdue University Spin Control in a Spin-1 Bose-Einstein Condensate and in an Optically Levitated Nanodiamond David C. Moore
07-Nov-2016 Warwick Bowen University of Queensland Probing the dynamics of two dimensional superfluids with cavity optomechanics Jack Harris
04-Nov-2016 David Blair University of Western Australia The Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy Jack Harris
20-Sep-2016 Andreas Schindewolf University of Innsbruck Quantum engineering of a low-entropy gas of RbCs molecules in an optical lattice David DeMille
02-Jun-2016 Jonathan Weinstein University of Nevada at Reno Optical pumping of atoms in solid parahydrogen Jack Harris
20-May-2016 Martin Zeppenfeld Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Controlled molecules at cold and ultracold temperatures David DeMille
19-May-2016 Ziv Meir Weizmann Institute Dynamics of a ground-state cooled ion colliding with ultra-cold atoms David DeMille
22-Jun-2015 Xing Wu Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics A Centrifuge Decelerator for Continuous Beams of Cold Polar Molecules David DeMille
08-May-2015 Glen Harris The University of Queensland Cavity optomechanics with feedback and fluids Jack Harris
15-Apr-2015 Adam Kaufman JILA Atomic Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect: preparing and interfering single atoms in optical tweezers David DeMille
26-Mar-2015 Jeff Grover University of Maryland Counting photons and trapping atoms with optical nanofibers Jack Harris
20-Jan-2015 Tarik Yefsah MIT From the Two-dimensional Bose Gas to the Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas Paul Tipton
16-Dec-2014 Haitan Xu Joint Quantum Institute Optomechanics with a grating membrane in a Fabry-Perot cavity Jack Harris
12-May-2014 Itay Shomroni Weizmann Institute of Science All-Optical Single Photon Switch Based on a Single Atom Jack Harris
11-Feb-2014 Donghun Lee Yale University Classical and Quantum Mechanics in Cavity Optomechanics Jack Harris
21-Jan-2014 Chenglin Cao University of Maryland Searching for Perfect Fluids: Universal Quantum Viscosity in a Unitary Fermi Gas Jack Harris
24-Sep-2013 Jonathan Weinstein University of Nevada at Reno LiHe molecules and other cryogenic oddities Jack Harris
12-Sep-2013 Jörg Schmiedmayer Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ), Atominstitut, TU-Wien How does an isolated quantum system relax? Leonid Glazman
17-Jul-2013 David Grimes MIT Chirped Pulse Millimeter-Wave Spectroscopy of Rydberg States David DeMille
21-Jun-2013 Mark Yeo JILA MOT and Evaporative Cooling of Polar Molecules David DeMille
16-Apr-2013 Markus Arndt University of Vienna Challenges and solutions for quantum coherence experiments with nanoparticles Jack Harris
02-Apr-2013 Florian Marquardt Erlangen University Dynamics of optomechanical arrays Jack Harris
19-Feb-2013 Dave Patterson Harvard Enantiomer-specific detection of chiral molecules via microwave spectroscopy David DeMille
05-Feb-2013 Jayita Banerjee University of Connecticut Ultracold KRb Molecules: Production of the Lowest Vibrational Levels of the Ground State and Spectroscopy of the Excited States David DeMille
22-Jan-2013 Michael Bellos University of Connecticut Optical production of 85Rb2 molecules in states with a magnetic or electric dipole moment David DeMille
09-Nov-2012 Danny McCarron Durham University, UK Towards ultracold heteronuclear RbCs molecules David DeMille
06-Nov-2012 Graham Lochead University of Durham, UK Spatial distributions in a cold strontium Rydberg gas David DeMille
15-Oct-2012 Adam West Durham University (UK) Interacting Ultracold Atoms with Magnetic Nanowires David DeMille
30-Apr-2012 Yoshiro Takahashi Kyoto University Quantum simulation using ultracold ytterbium in an optical lattice David DeMille
03-Apr-2012 Robin Cote University of Connecticut Meta-stable gases with attractive dipole forces, and formation of large ultracold molecules David DeMille
20-Mar-2012 Jake Taylor Joint Quantum Institute Hybrid quantum systems for metrology and computation Jack Harris
07-Mar-2012 J. Mur-Petit Instituto de Física Fundamental, IFF-CSIC, Madrid, Spain Quantum Information Processing with Cold Molecular Ions David DeMille
14-Feb-2012 Jeff Sherman NIST Boulder Blackbody-Stark and cold-collision shifts in an optical lattice clock David DeMille
20-Oct-2011 Martin Weitz University of Bonn Bose-Einstein condensation of photons David DeMille
22-Jun-2011 Shlomi Kotler Weizmann Institute of Science Single-ion quantum lock-in amplifier David DeMille
03-May-2011 Sanli Faez FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, the Netherlands The critical state of the Anderson localization transition Jack Harris
02-Apr-2011 Prof. Hartmut Abele Atominstitut, TU Wien qBounce: Realization of a Quantum Bouncing Ball Gravity Spectrometer Steve Lamoreaux
29-Mar-2011 Heather Lewandowsky JILA Controlling Molecular Interactions with Electric Fields Jack Harris
15-Mar-2011 Sebastian Gerber University of Innsbruck Quantum Optics Experiments with Resonance Fluorescence Photons of single Barium Ions Jack Harris
22-Nov-2010 Lily Childress Bates College Defects in diamond: exploring atomic-like physics in the solid state Jack Harris
19-Nov-2010 Philipp Schneeweiss Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen, Germany Ultracold Thermal Atoms and BECs Interacting with Carbon Nanotubes Jack Harris
16-Nov-2010 Mukund Vengalattore Cornell University Quantum quench dynamics and metrology with ultracold spinor gases Jack Harris
29-Oct-2010 Stephan Falke PTB Braunschweig How to determine the blackbody shift in Sr optical lattice clocks Mattias Gustavsson
28-Oct-2010 Matthias Weidemueller Ruprecht-Karl University Heidelberg Rydberg Aggregates - Interactions in an Ultracold Gas of Rydberg Atoms David DeMille
20-Oct-2010 Ofer Firstenburg Technion Israel Institute of Technology Diffusion and Diffraction of Polaritons in Atomic Media Jack Harris
17-Sep-2010 Romain Lauro Université Paris Sud Stopping Light in a Crystal Jack Harris
30-Aug-2010 Francesco Intravaia Los Alamos National Laboratory “Anatomy” of the Casimir Effect: understanding and tuning fluctuation-
induced forces
Steve Lamoreaux
05-Aug-2010 Karl van Bibber Naval Postgraduate School ADMX-HF: A Proposed Search for Dark-Matter Axions at Yale Steve Lamoreaux
17-Jun-2010 Tzahi Grunzweig University of Otago Efficient Loading of a Single Atom to a Micro-Trap David DeMille
15-Jun-2010 John Barry Yale University Laser Cooling of a Diatomic Molecule David DeMille
08-Jun-2010 Mikhail Kozlov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Using microwave spectra of molecules to study variation of electron-to-proton mass ratio in astrophysics David DeMille
20-Apr-2010 Dominik Schneble SUNY Stony Brook Interacting Bosonic Mixtures in Optical Lattices Jack Harris
13-Apr-2010 Svetlana Kotochigova Temple Formation and control of ultracold polar molecules in optical potentials David DeMille
11-Feb-2010 Magnus Raadmark Stockholm University Photonic quantum information and experimental tests of foundations of quantum mechanics Jack Harris
05-Feb-2010 Wei Guo Yale University Visualization study of thermal counterflow in superfluid Helium-4  
29-Sep-2009 Michael Cavagnero University of Kentucky Rules of thumb in a dipolar gas David DeMille
10-Sep-2009 Benjamin Zwickl Yale University Progress towards observation of radiation pressure shot noise Jack Harris
02-Sep-2009 Gerald Gwinner University of Manitoba Fundamental symmetry tests with cooled atoms: From Lorentz invariance to parity Sid Cahn
18-Aug-2009 Dr. Haibin Wu University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Coherent atomic medium in an optical cavity Jack Harris
22-Jul-2009 Emil Kirilov UCLA 2-photon ionization method and necessary laser systems for efficient seeding, trapping and manipulation of strontium ions David DeMille
26-Jun-2009 Alpha Gaëtan Laboratoire Charles Fabry de l’Institut d’Optique Deterministic entanglement of two atoms using the Rydberg blockade David DeMille
09-Jun-2009 Charles Doret Harvard University A buffer-gas cooled Bose-Einstein condensate Jack Harris
29-May-2009 Pierre Verlot LKB, Paris, France Optomechanical coupling and quantum radiation pressure effects Jack Harris
20-May-2009 Xavier DeFay CSNSM, Orsay, France New detectors for the direct dark matter search EDELWEISS experiment Daniel McKinsey
12-May-2009 Robin Côté University of Connecticut Feshbach Optimized Photo-Association (FOPA) and its applications David DeMille
13-Mar-2009 Gary A. Williams UCLA Vortex Loops and the Superfluid Phase Transition Wei Guo
03-Feb-2009 Kang-Kuen Ni JILA, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado, Boulder Ultracold Polar Molecules Jack Harris
22-Jan-2009 David Glenn Yale University Progress Towards Cooling and Trapping Diatomic Molecules from a Buffer Gas Beam Source  
18-Nov-2008 Charlie Milner Yale University Quantized Conductance and Residual Resistance in Gold Nanowires Steve Lamoreaux
21-Oct-2008 Florian Marquardt Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany Optomechanics Jack Harris
15-Oct-2008 Shau-Yu Lan Georgia Tech Matter-Light Entanglement with Atomic Ensembles Jack Harris
30-Sep-2008 Hong Tang Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering, Yale University Light force that couples nanophotonics and nanomechanics Jack Harris
08-Aug-2008 Patrick Windpassinger Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark Non destructive quantum state measurements and spin squeezing Jack Harris
25-Jul-2008 Jan Arlt Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany Production of heteronuclear Feshbach molecules David DeMille
22-Jul-2008 Patrick Maletinsky Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich Dynamics of Quantum Dot Nuclear Spin Polarization Jack Sankey
17-Juil-2008 Pierre Francois Cohadon Laboratoire Kastler Brossel & Ecole Normale Superieure Cavity optomechanics with twin optical beams Jack Harris
03-Jun-2008 Christopher Ticknor Swinburne University of Technology, Australia Universal Dipolar Scattering David DeMille
20-May-2008 Jiepeng Zhang Florida International University All optical switching at few photons level Jack Harris
20-May-2008 Stephan Falke Yale University Laser Spectroscopy of Dimers for Understanding of Cold Collisions David DeMille
06-May-2008 Peter Orth Yale University Design for a buffer gas experiment David DeMille
29-Apr-2008 Mattias Gustavsson University of Innsbruck Matter wave interference due to interactions and an ultracold gas of deeply bound Cs2 molecules David DeMille
22-Apr-2008 Ben Zwickl Yale University Progress towards quantum macro-opto-mechanical systems (MOMS) Jack Harris
27-Mar-2008 Wei Guo Brown University Observations of single electrons in liquid helium Daniel McKinsey
21-Mar-2008 Ethan Bernard Cornell University Hydrogen and deuterium chemistry within deuterium-helium gels below 2 Kelvin Daniel McKinsey
20-Mar-2008 Chih-Sung Chuu Univeristy of Heidelberg Towards a quantum memory for single photons with long storage-time Jack Harris
18-Mar-2008 Scott Seltzer Princeton University Developments in Atomic Magnetometry David DeMille
11-Mar-2008 Francois Nguyen SPEC-CEA Saclay Towards charge-phase multi quantum bit circuits Jack Harris
04-Mar-2008 Peter Rabl Harvard/ITAMP Coherent and incoherent manipulations of polar molecules on chips David DeMille
11-Feb-2008 Jeremy Munday Harvard University Attractive and repulsive Casimir forces in fluid Jack Harris
11-Feb-2008 Dr. Sergey Pereverzev University of Maryland Spectroscopy of helium molecules and electron bubbles in solid and superfluid helium Daniel McKinsey
05-Feb-2008 Edward Somerville Shuman University of Virginia Spontaneous Ionization in a Frozen Rydberg Gas David DeMille
28-Jan-2008 Julien Bernu Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Ecole Normale Supérieure QND measurement of light: observing the quantum Zeno effect and watching the decoherence Jack Harris
13-Jul-2007 Wayne Rowlands Swinburne University Molecular BEC of Li-6 Dimers in a Low Power Crossed Dipole Trap David DeMille
08-May-2007 Bhanu Das IIAP, India A new limit for the coupling constant of a time-reversal violating electron-nucleus interaction David DeMille
24-Apr-2007 Woo-Joong (Andy) Kim Dartmouth University Exploring the thermal and dissipative effects in Casimir physics Steve Lamoreaux
06-Feb-2007 Gensheng Wang Caltech The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search at Soudan Danile McKinsey
23-Jan-2007 Thomas Corbitt MIT Radiation pressure in suspended cavities with gram mirrors Jack Harris
19-Dec-2006 Scott Papp University of Colorado Tunable interactions in ultracold Bose gases: New experiments with 85Rb and 87Rb Jack Harris
12-Dec-2006 David Wright Weselyan University Laser Spectroscopy of the Noble Gases Daniel McKinsey
05-Dec-2006 Lorraine Sadler University of California at Berkeley Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Defect Formation in a Quenched Ferromagnetic Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensate Jack Harris
07-Nov-2006 A. Douglas Stone Yale University What does the electric field look like inside a laser? Jack Harris
02-Nov-2006 David Patterson Harvard University Title to be announced Jack Harris
10-Oct-2006 Jonathan Weinstein University of Nevada at Reno Atom-molecule coherence and other ultracold oddities Jack Harris
29-Sep-2006 W. Clark Griffith University of Washington Search for a permanent EDM of Hg 199 atoms Steve Lamoreaux
23-Jun-2006 Rick Bethlem Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin Deceleration and trapping of heavy polar molecules David DeMille
04-Apr-2006 Zoran Hadzibabic Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France Condensates in Flatland David DeMille
21-Feb-2006 Scott Nguyen Harvard University Look Mom. No Hands! The Frontier of Cooling and Trapping Atoms and Molecules Jack Harris
07-Feb-2006 Alexei Tonyushkin New York University Creation and direct imaging of atomic density gratings David DeMille
30-Nov-2005 Eite Tiesinga NIST Controlling interactions between ultra-cold atoms DeMille
18-Nov-2005 Jun Ye JILA, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado Ultracold Alkaline Earth Strontium Jack Harris
15-Nov-2005 Eric Hudson JILA Production of cold molecules via Stark deceleration DeMille
31-Oct-2005 Timur Isaev Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia Ab initio calculations of parity and time-reversal odd effects in molecules DeMille
13-Sep-2005 Feng Chen University of California, Riverside Precision Measurement of the Casimir Force between Metallic Surfaces Using Atomic Force Microscope  
30-Aug-2005 Ed Hinds Imperial College, London Atom Chips - A Vision for Quantum Information Processing  
01-Aug-2005 Kaixuan Ni Columbia University Liquid Xenon for Particle Detection Daniel McKinsey
27-Jul-2005 Ramiro Moro University of Southern California Magnetic and Electric Deflections of Clusters in a Molecular Beam David DeMille
15-Jul-2005 Wilton Virgo Arizona State University Laser Spectroscopy of Metal-containing molecules David DeMille
01-Jun-2005 Roman Krems Harvard University Atoms with non-zero electronic orbital angular momenta in a magnetic trap: expanding the cold atom physics frontiers  
03-May-2005 Tuan Nguyen University of California, Berkeley A Search for Time-Variation of the Fine-Structure Constant  
19-Apr-2005 Jim Martin University of Waterloo, Canada Spectroscopic observation of resonant electric dipole-dipole interactions between cold Rydberg atoms